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LondonD Aesthetics

Trained in the art and science of medical aesthetics. Expert injector in full face and body rejuvenation.

Donna London is a Family Nurse Practitioner, with over 30+ years’ experience in health care, working in various areas of clinical practice and management. She has earned the title of expert aesthetic medicine practitioner, having performed thousands of aesthetic procedures over the last 14 years.

She is motivated by her passion for the art and science of cosmetic enhancement procedures and adapting that understanding to each individual client. She considers herself a lifelong learner, eager to stay up to date on the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine. In addition to her role as owner of LondonD Aesthetics, Donna also teaches at Pacific NW Aesthetics Academy, where she is excited to pass on her knowledge to doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses and physician assistants who are launching new careers in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Donna is proud to have experience in meeting the needs of ALL ages, skin types and ethnicities. She treats every face as a work of art with the expertise and experience to provide a unique experience for each client. She believes that aging well is not only evidenced by outer beauty but inner beauty as well. Donna’s intuitive artistic skills will help each client achieve their goals by enhancing their God given beauty resulting in a better version of themselves!