Women in Business Feature

Nancy Despain, Owner at Consignment Revolution

Consignment Revolution, founded by Nancy Despain in 2021, is located in the heart of downtown Oregon City. Nancy’s mission is to be a resource for you to shop, live, and dress for your best life. The life that you are busy creating. 

Nancy’s passion for creating change in the world of fashion is evident in everything she does. She uses her social media platforms to talk about the issues in the fashion industry and she does not shy away from the tough conversations. Here is an excerpt from one of her blog postings on her website: https://www.consignmentrev.com/

“Why should we care about where our clothing comes from and how it’s made? Because it matters more than we realize. Fast Fashion refers to the throw away culture that Americans thrive on. Fast fashion a monster. Here is why I say that:

Fast fashion is usually not resellable, so it ends up being donated or thrown away. Most consignment stores don’t take fast fashion brands, because it rarely has the sustainability to be passed on to a new owner.

When it makes it to the landfill, and it will end up there – it can’t bio degrade because it is chemically based. These garments literally sit for years, taking up space, as they leak chemicals into the environment, ocean, soil and air we breathe.

Slow Fashion: Slow fashion is the opposite of fast fashion. It is made to last forever. Literally decades later these items will still be worn, used and loved. The key is to buy classic styles that will always be relevant and timeless. Fabric is key, organic cotton and linen, silk, tencel, bamboo to name few of the more sustainable types of fabric out there. Recycled fabric is a big trend that reuses water bottles, and other items.

Designers that really embrace sustainable fashion are usually the ones that make the least amount of money. Those small Indie designers in your hometown are some of the most conscientious. Portland and Seattle are full of sustainable local designers that really make it a purpose to design great clothes and use good materials, while paying a living wage to their staff.

I have no answers except to talk about it endlessly, until someone hears me. My hope is that one person will be inspired to try and make a difference.”

And, you can make a difference by shopping second hand with this conscientious women-owned business. Nancy is very active on her social media page and can be found on Instagram at @consignment_revolution