Women in Business Feature

Yvette Kirwin: Owner & Executive Chef at Nebbiolo

Yvette grew up in the fine dining restaurant industry and has worked with great chefs & employees in, not only her home state New Mexico, but also here in Portland. She began her career in New Mexico where she worked in the Santa Fe restaurant scene. and now has over 38 years of experience working with food, wine, & restaurant development.

Nebbiolo Restaurant & Wine Bar began development during the spring of 2012 when aspiring restaurant owner Yvette Kirwin returned from a month long trip in Italy. After indulging in the Italian way of life, she decided to begin the hunt to find a space & open their very first restaurant.

Eventually, after many months of planning & idea development, the corner of 8th & Main Street in Downtown Oregon City was found. What used to be a corner showroom in the Busch’s Furniture Store was renovated into Nebbiolo Restaurant & Wine Bar. During renovations we discovered the awesome wood floors & the original brick walls that were built here in 1895.

Creating Nebbiolo was not just a matter of uncovering the history of the space in the wood & brick, but also a project in creating a warm & welcoming environment. Yvette gathered up the family, and with an incredible amount of effort & creativity, the restaurant began to unfold; sons, daughters, uncles, aunts and grandparents all pitched in their talents with carpentry, painting, pottery, and menu development. All that was left to do was to fill the space with food, wine, spirits, beers, tables, chairs & soon, customers.

The restaurant was completed in May 2013, and with a line out the door, Nebbiolo was officially open for business on June 1, 2013 serving sophisticated comfort food & drink to the wonderful people of Oregon City.